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As general company for livestock production, we contribute to “creation of rich food culture and development of livestock industry”.
Our motto of management is “reliance, security and renovation”.

Message from President& Corporate information
Livestock material
Pig breeding
Chicks and feed ration
Our business goal

General activity : providing total service and coordination with expertise covering all livestock fields.

Livestock Facility construction activity Providing slurry and manure disposal and air-washing system, established by JA group’s technique.
Through cooperation with foreign suppliers, providing livestock barn equipped with latest technology including ventilation system and others.
Exploring construction of facility with low cost and high function.
Livestock Material sales activity Delivering advanced and high-performance import material, along with product with low cost and high productivity developed with cooperation with domestic makers.
Import activity Supplying foreign embryo and bovine semen which are high in demand in Japan.
Pig breeding activity As one of the biggest suppliers of SPF swine, providing high-performance and high-sanitary breeding pigs.
Plus, as biggest AI company, providing high-performance and high-sanitary liquid pig semen.
Chicks sale activity Delivering healthy chicks derived from high-performance chicks/egg hatchery across Japan.