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Message from the President & Corporate information

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Message from the President

July 1, 1991, the ZEN-NOH LIVESTOCK CO., LTD. started a business as a division of the JA ZEN-NOH group, specializing in the livestock facilities and materials business.
Since then, after several business transfers, thanks to your patronage and support, we were able to develop a general livestock company that transacts businesses from feeder livestock to facilities.

Our mission is to contribute to the income growth of livestock producers. For this purpose, we are tackling the production and marketing of reliable products such as high-coop SPF swine pig developed by the JA ZEN-NOH, and other facilities and materials that contribute to productivity improvement.

Today, domestic livestock businesses are worried about maintaining sustainable management over the medium to long term by suffering from the global rise in prices of feed and materials, natural disasters such as the Great East Japan earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016 etc. and the uncertain business environment to be influenced by the TPP agreement.

Under these circumstances, we are aiming at contributing to sustainable livestock management with the phrase " closer, deeper and step forward" as the slogan of JA ZEN-NOH’s Three Year Plan from FY2016 in FY2018.

We look forward to your further and continued patronage.

Atsuyoshi Taneda

Mission statement

We, ZEN-NOH group, become bridge of safety and security between producers and consumers.
We consider “safety and security” at following three points of view.
We promote farming areas in high spirits, by assisting farm management and life.
We deliver to consumer fresh and safe domestic farm and livestock produce.
We positively deal with environmental protection of the earth.

Corporate information

“ZEN-NOH LIVESTOCK ” is a company specializing in live stock (pig, cattle and chicken) and related material and housing. We work under the umbrella of ZEN-NOH (Japan’s national federation of agricultural cooperative) and have wide range of clientele across the country.

■Outline of Zen-Noh Livestock Service Co. Ltd. is as follows
Headquarters 11-17, Huyuki , Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0041 Japan
President Mr. katsuyoshi KITAJIMA
Employees 160
Establishment July 1st, 1991
Capital 430,000(thousand yen)
Turnover 12,524(million yen) in 2009 (Fiscal year)
Business Import of lives animals, bovine semen and embryo
Production and sale of breeding stock (pig) and swine liquid semen,
Supply of feed ration
Construction of swine, cattle and poultry barn
Import of livestock facility and animal medical device
Domestic marketing of general material related to livestock,
Pigs , chicks, livestock and other facilities.
Shareholder Zen-Noh(59.68%)
Zen-Noh Silo(13.44%)
Scientific Feed Laboratory(13.44%)
TEL +81-3-5245-4892 (Import sales Dept.)
FAX +81-3-5245-2424

Business divisions

  Livestock material
  Pig breeding
  Chicks and feed ration