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Livestock material

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Mille Frere (made in Japan)

New type of Milk Filter for providing safety in milk.
Made in Japan of seamless polyester/polyethylene material.
Adaptable to multiple type of milking machine.
100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton
Mille Frere

Milk Liner

We are providing generic Milk Liner under the brand of "MILK-RITE".

MILK-RITE is manufactured in U.S.A and U.K. and imported directly after production.
Milk Liner

Moo cloth (Wiping cloth)

1 Moisture type which allows quick wiping
2 Soft texture friendly to cattle
3 Made of natural pulp; disposed as manure
4 Handy sizing, easy to handle with gloves on

Ingredient Natural pulp cloth, ethanol
sizing 200mm×215mm
package 60 sheets/pack, 20packs/carton

"Moo cloth" is made of nonwoven fabric (100% natural pulp) and ethanol as moisturizer.
Ethanol is highly safe for food industry and evaporates in quite short time.
A sheet sizing of "200mm x 215mm" provides effective wiping.
Made of natural pulp; it will be disintegrated easily in soil and friendly to natural environment.

Moo cloth
Can be carried like this.
Moo cloth

Other products

1 Poultry housing lamp (Cock lamp)
Energy saving earth friendly feature low electricity cost long life.
Poultry housing lamp Poultry housing lamp

2 Pregnancy detector (Breed tester)
Detection of right timing of artificial insemination of sow by measuring inside vagina electricity conductivity.
Pregnancy detector Pregnancy detector

3 Pig feeder
Easy to carry.
Attracting attention of piglet.
Usable for either dry or wet feed.
Pig feeder Pig feeder

4 Ultrasonic pregnancy detector (Tringa)
Very light (800g).
Easy to detect pregnancy at 30 days age of embryo.
Ultrasonic pregnancy detector Ultrasonic pregnancy detector

5 Milk Doctor Beta
Screening test kit of Beta Lactum in cow milk.
Detecting antibiotics in milk rapidly.
Specifically match Japanese MLA.
Result available in 5 minutes.
Milk Doctor Beta